Directed by Robert Dinesen (Reinert) (1917)


     Carl de Vogt

     Johannes Riemann

     Dora Schlüter

Not much is known about this version of the story of Ahasver. Traditionally, Ahasver refused to aid Jesus and was eternally cursed to become the "Wandering Jew". This film was made in three parts, with the second part called: Die Tragödie der Eifersucht (The Tragedy of Jealousy) and the third, Das Gespenst der Vergangenheit (The Spectre of the Past).


Besides having previously made the films Der Weg des Todes in 1916 and Wenn Tote Sprechen in 1917 with Robert Dinesen (Reinert), Carl went on to make Erloschene Augen, Tragögie eines blinden Kindes (Unseeing Eyes: Tragedy of the Blinded Children) which is attributed to Robert Dinesen (Reinert) and/or Josef Stein in 1917. He also was directed by Dinesen in Der Herr der Welt, Part I: Liebe (Master of the World, Part I: Love) and Der Herr der Welt, Part II: Der lebende Tote (Master of the World, Part II: The Living Death) in 1917 and Die vier letzten Sekunden des quidam Uhl in 1924.

My sincere thanks to Olaf Brill of www.filmgeschichte.de for the use of this photograph from his private collection.

I do not know whether or not copies of Ahasver still exist.