Andreas Hofer: Freiheitskampf
(Andreas Hofer: Freedom Struggle)

Carl as Adj. Eisenstecken

Directed by Hanns Prechtl (1929)


     Fritz Greiner (Andreas Hofer)
     Maly Delschaft (wife of Andreas Hofer)
     Rolf Pinegger (innkeeper)
     Brit Haid (Moidl, innkeeper's daughter)
     Oskar Marion (Toni, Moidl's fiance)
     Carl de Vogt (Eisenstecken, Hofer's adjutant)
     Georg John (Franz Raffl, farmer)

This film is set against the historical background of the battles the Tyroleans fought to free themselves from the Bavarians and the French. In the opening scenes the word has come that the Habsburg Austrians under Archduke Johann are coming to the aid of the Tyroleans in their fight against Bavaria. Hofer is overjoyed because he wants their aid and has grown tired of waiting to overthrow the occupiers.

At the local inn, Moidl, the innkeeper's daughter, is unhappy because her fiance is a Bavarian sergeant and he has been called back to his headquarters to help quell the Tyrolean uprising. Moidel begs him to stay and join the Tyrolean side and when he refuses she kills him with his gun. In the headquarters of the occupying Bavarian army the news is brought that the Tiroleans are causing great havoc. In the ensuing Battle of Berg Isel, the innkeeper and Moidl are both killed and the Bavarians are soundly defeated.

Austrian Emperor Francis I cedes the Tyrol to Napolean who sends French troops to invade the Tyrol. At this point Eisenstecken is lost and presumed dead and Hofer retreats to a winter hut in the mountains. He spends several months there and is visited by his wife and son. A local farmer, Raffl, finds Hofer and turns him in to the French for a large reward. The whole family is arrested and Hofer is sent to Mantua. Eventually his wife and son are freed in Bozen, but Andreas Hofer and his scribe, Cajetan Sweth, are condemned to death on Napoleon's orders. Andreas Hofer was executed in Mantua.

Fritz Greiner directed Carl in ...Die Sich Verkaufen, Moderner Gesellschaftsfilm in 1924 and appeared with him in Nathan der Weise in 1923 and Haus Nummer 17 in 1928. Maly Delschaft went on to play Carl's wife in Wilhelm Tell in 1934. This is the only movie that Carl made with director Hanns Prechtl.

Information on obtaining this film can be found at the Filmarchiv Austria