Briefträger Müller
(Postman Mueller)

Carl with Heinz Rühmann

Directed by John Reinhardt (1953)


     Heinz Rühmann (Postman)

     Heli Finkenzeller (his wife Charlotte)

     Gisela Mayen (Actress)

     Carl de Vogt (Chauffeur)

Titus Müller is a happily married man. The family home is bucolic and filled with friends and laughter and Titus' three children. One day a letter arrives from Italy with money to visit his dying aunt who wishes to meet all of her family.

Titus and the family go. The aunt's home is a palace. Titus' small son walks off with a sausage, and Titus hurriedly puts it in his pocket. The aunt has planned to leave all her money to whomever her dog, Ambrosia, likes the most. However, the inheritance is only for Ambrosia's lifetime. Ambrosia of course follows Titus because of the sausage and in due time he becomes the master of the palace. The family moves to Italy and soon everyone is unhappy except Titus. His wife is lonely, his daughter is unhappy because he no longer wants her to marry her finance (Titus now thinks he isn't good enough) and his sons think they are neglected. Titus has become extremely pompous and has very little time for his family.

While taking up horseback riding, Titus meets an elegant actress/singer and arranges to watch her performance at the theatre. He becomes smitten and while they are in a bar, a charity worker approaches him and he gives her a small coin. The actress chides him for being stingy and he writes an extremely large check to the charity to impress her.

Titus tries to arrange a "marriage" for Ambrosia. She runs away with a stray dog and returns a few days later. Meanwhile, Charlotte has found out about the actress and is quite upset with Titus. He tells her not to worry. Titus goes to the theatre that night and is mistakenly pushed onto the stage during the performance. He very happily sings and dances along with the chorus to the delight of the audience and the horror of his daughter and her fiance who are sitting in the front row. He later falls asleep in the actress' home and wakes up in her bed the next morning.

Titus rushes home and discovers that his wife and children have left. Ambrosia looks ill and he takes her to the veterinarian's office. Ambrosia dies giving birth to a puppy. Titus goes back to Germany to bury Ambrosia, and his daughter's wedding procession passes by. They do not see him. Titus realizes that he has lost everything.

Titus moves back into his old home, now empty and in ruins, and spends his time taking care of Ambrosia's puppy. He is invited to a formal charity opening and discovers that the check that he had written in the bar was used to start the "Titus Müller Foundation". He wife is also there, and they leave together. Titus again becomes a postman and they live happily ever after. The moral of the story is that money does not bring happiness, a popular theme in postwar Germany.

This is the second film that Carl made with Heinz Rühmann, the first being Wenn Wir Alle Engel Wärren in 1936. He would appear again with Heli Finkenzeller in Ein Herz Bleibt Allein in 1955 and Tausend Melodien in 1956.

Information about this and all of Heinz Rühmann's films may be found at the Heinz Rühmann Commemorative Society.