(The Half-Caste)

Written and Directed by Frizt Lang (1919)


     Carl de Vogt (Axel van der Straaten)
     Ressel Orla (Half-Caste)
     Paul Morgan (Mestize)
     Gilda Langer
     Carl-Gerrard Schroder

Ressel Orla plays a half-caste prostitute from a Mexican opium den. Newly married, she overhears someone tell her husband "You may take a half-caste for a mistress, but you should never make her your wife". She decides to take revenge for this insult. She ruins two men, sending one to an asylum and the other to prison, and ends up with another mixed race man. They set up a gambling den; but when forced to flee to Mexico with their profits, she is fatally shot by a man she has cheated.

This was the third and last time that Carl was to appear with Gilda Langer, who tragically died of influenza in 1920 at the age of 24. Their first two movies together were Die Frau mit den Orchideen (The Women with Orchids) and Der Herr der Liebe (The Master of Love), and all three of their movies were directed by Fritz Lang. Unfortunately, all three films are considered "lost". In fact, there is some question as to whether or not Die Frau mit den Orchideen was ever actually made or released. Also, Gilda Langer is sometimes credited as being in Part II of Die Spinnen: Das Brillantenschiff; but if she is, she is unrecognizable.

Carl went on to appear with Ressel Orla in Die Spinnen, both parts I and II. Ressel Orla died of a mysterious "lingering illness" in 1931 at the age of 41.

No copies of Halbblut are known to exist.