Der Herr der Liebe
(The Master of Love)

Directed by Fritz Lang (1919)


     Carl de Vogt (Vasile Disescu)

     Gilda Langer (Yvette, Vasile's wife)

     Erika Unruh (Stefana, a maid)

     Max Marlinski (Lazer, a Jewish peddler)

Carl de Vogt plays Vasile Disescu, a brutal and sensuous aristocrat living in the Carpathian Mountains with his wife Yvette (Gilda Langer). Vasile is loved by a maid who believes that Carl is bewitched by his wife's intoxicating perfume. During a visit to a neighbor, Carl is attracted by his neighbor's daughter's erotic dancing. During his absence, the maid has stolen Yvette's perfume. Returning to the castle, Vasile treats his wife coldly and makes love with the maid thinking she is his neighbor's daughter.

The next morning, Yvette, realizing that Vasile has been unfaithful, hunts for the maid outside a temple. There she has an affair with Lazer, a Jewish peddler. Word of this reaches Vasile who throws Lazer into the celler and leaves him to starve to death. Yvette obtains the key and frees him. In a towering rage, Vasile murders Yvette and then kills himself. In the final scene, Vasile appears before God and complains that "God is the Master of Love" and not himself.

No copies of Der Herr der Liebe are known to exist.