Ein Lied Geht um Die Welt
(My Song Goes round the World)

Directed by Richard Oswald (1933)

     Josef Schmidt (Ricardo)
     Victor De Kowa (Rigo)
     Charlotte Ander (Nina)
     Fritz Kampers (Simoni)
     Carl de Vogt (Stage Manager)

Ricardo, an operatic tenor, is looking for a singing job. His two roommates, Rigo and Simoni, try to arrange auditions for him to no avail. Finally, he sings in a waiting room, and an impresario gives him a job singing on the radio.

Ricardo becomes famous, but no one has ever seen him. Standing only five feet tall, people do not take him seriously. Going to a record store, he falls in love with a clerk, Nina, who loves his music but does not recognize him. He tells her he can arange a meeting with her idol, Ricardo.

Nina comes to the apartment and thinks that the handsome Rigo is Ricardo. By the time the deception is revealed, she and Rigo have fallen in love. Ricardo, however, thinks that Nina is in love with him.

Rigo has arranged a contract for himself and Ricardo as the "Two Musical Clowns". Nina meets them at the theatre and accepts a ring from Ricardo though she really does not care for him. Ricardo tells Rigo and Simoni that he wants to marry Nina. While Ricardo goes to do his broadcast, Nina comes to the apartment and while she is clasped in Rigo's arms, Ricardo arrives home. Seeing the pair of them, he realizes that he has been deluding himself. They try to convince him that they are nothing to each other, but Ricardo runs away.

Back at the theatre, Rigo tries to perform the clown act alone, but Ricardo arrives and sings to a cheering crowd. He forgives Nina and Rigo and resigns himself to a life where music is his only love.

This amiable, bittersweet romance, shot entirely in Venice, was not popular with Josef Schmidt because he was acutely selfconscious about his height. Also, while Josef Goebbels said he would declare the Jewish Josef Schmidt "an honorary Aryan" because of his voice, Schmidt fled to Switzerland where he died in an "internment" camp when he was 38.

This is the only film that Carl made with director Richard Oswald. He appeared with Charlotte Ander in Flachsmann als Erzieher in 1930.

Information on obtaining this film is available at the Bel Canto Film Society.