(Beggar's Ball)

Directed by Carl Heinz Wolff (1930)

     Harry Frank (Dr. Gerhard Rodenberg)
     Kurt Lilien (Amadeus Krause)
     Carl de Vogt (Dr. Wiegand)
     Fritz Kampers (Schluck)

This farcical German operetta concerns a young man and his father-in-law who concoct a plan to rid themselves of their wives for an evening so that they can take two young ladies to a ball. Their suspicious wives find out about the plot and attend the ball themselves, forcing their husbands to flee the scene. The two wives then get drunk and one of them is crowned the Queen of the Ball. The next morning the two wives get a severe scolding from their husbands who, not having been detected the night before, are the picture of injured innocence.

Right after this movie Carl went on to make Flachsmann als Erzieher with director Carl Heinz Wolff.

I do not know whether or not copies of Lumpenball still exist.