Ein Mann Vergisst Die Liebe
(A Man Forgets His Love)

Directed by Volker von Collande (1955)

     Willy Birgel (Dr. Rudolph Kadenberg, lawyer)
     Maria Holst (Brigitte Kadenberg, his wife)
     Willi Forst (Alexander von Barender, playboy)
     Annemarie Düringer (Patrizia, legal colleague)
     Carl de Vogt (judge)

This is two parallel stories about a successful, career-driven attorney and a jewel thief and his fence. They intersect with disastrous results.

The lawyer, Dr. Rudolph Kadenberg, greets his wife Brigitte at breakfast with some flowers that have arrived from Alexander von Barender, a notorious playboy. He scarcely seems to notice. He goes off to the office and she runs errands. A man with a large white dog visits a jewelry store. He doesn't buy anything but carefully notes the location of the safe in the store.

Alex and Brigitte meet at a fashion show luncheon. Patrizia arrives with the message that Rudolph cannot come. A model on the runway sings "Ein Mann Vergisst der Liebe", the title of the movie, with lyrics about men and women being together but remaining alone.

That evening Rudolf and Brigitte have an evening soiree. Meanwhile the thief is robbing the jewelry store. His dog jumps through the window and sits outside the store where a friendly policeman stops to pet him.

The next morning Patrizia remonstrates with Rudolph about ignoring his guests. He says he has to go off to Stuttgart that evening and that she can spend time with Alex if she's bored. We next see the police checking every large white dog they can find. The thief calls his fence who has Alex in his office. Alex owes the fence money which he doesn't have. The fence tells the thief on the phone to bring the jewelry to him.

Rudolph's plane to Stuttgart is canceled. He gets champagne and caviar and heads home for a surprise dinner with Brigitte. She, however, is at the opera, Othello, with Alex. Her earring keeps falling off and she keeps replacing it. After the opera they go to Alex's apartment. She finally throws both her earrings on a table. She tells Alex she still loves her husband and goes home. At home she sees Rudolph who has fallen asleep waiting for her to return. They argue and go off to bed separately.

We next see the thief leaving the fence's office. He spies Alex and hides on the stairwell. Alex walks into the fence's office, sees that he has been murdered and leaves. He goes home and frantically calls Patrizia who angrily tells him to call at the office in the morning.

The police search Alex's apartment and find Brigitte's earrings. They arrest him for murder. While checking the exhibits for the upcoming trial, Rudolph finds Brigitte's earrings and assumes that she and Alex are having an affair. He moves from the house into a hotel room.

There is a trial which ends with Rudolph reading a letter from the murderer confessing to the crime. Rudolph and Brigitte reunite, presumably sadder and wiser than before.

This is the only time that Carl appeared with Volker von Collande or with these actors.

Copies of this film may be obtained at www.germanvideo.com.