Tausend Melodien
(A Thousand Melodies)

Directed by Hans Deppe (1956)

     Bibi Johns (Irina Servi)
     Martin Benrath (Martin Hoff)
     Gardy Granass (Barbara)
     Helmut Schneider (Thomas Hoff)
     Heli Finkenzeller (Barbara's aunt)
     Carl de Vogt (Church Co-op Member)

Martin Hoff, a classical violinist, must decide whether or not he wishes to pursue a career in classical violin or jazz playing. Barbara, his fiance at home in the picturesque farm village where they both grew up, wants him to stay at home. The film opens with Martin's performing a classical recital. Irina Servi, a popular singer, hears him play and wants to meet him.

Martin and Barbara go off for drinks at a cafe, and Martin's friends ask him to join in with them in playing Martin's new song, "Tausend Melodien". Martin and Barbara quarrel, and after she leaves, Bibi introduces herself and her manager to Martin.

Back at home, Barbara wonders whether Martin loves her and spends time with his brother, Thomas. Martin gets offered a classical concert program with Bibi's manager, but the money is a pittance and is not enough for him to live on. He goes home and cannot find a job there.

The annual town musical festival is held and Barbara dances with Thomas. Thomas and Martin argue and Martin leaves in a huff. Later it is learned that Martin has left town altogether.

Martin gives a classical recital and his performance is perfunctory. He is warned that he has to make up his mind what he wants to do. He gets a job as a gypsy violinist at a restaurant and is fired. Bibi takes him home. Martin now accompanies Bibi at her singing engagements.

Barbara continues to see Thomas. Martin records "Tausend Melodien" on the radio and gets a message to go home where he plays at Barbara and Thomas' wedding. He then proposes marriage to Bibi and she accepts.

This is the second film that Carl made with director Hans Deppe, the first being Die Sieben Kleider der Katrin in 1954. He also had appeared with Gardy Granass in Ein Herz Bleibt Allein the year before.

Copies of this film may be obtained at www.germanvideo.com.