Die Todeskarawane
(The Caravan of Death)

Directed by Josef Stein (1920)
Based upon a book by Karl May

     Carl de Vogt (Kara ben Nemsi)
     Meinhart Maur (Hadschi Halef Omar)
     Edwin Baron (Omram)
     Karl Huszar (Kepek, a servant)
     Cläre Lotto (Benda Ardschir Mirza)
     Bela Lugosi (Sheik)

Not much is known about this movie other than it was based upon Karl May's book Von Bagdad nach Stambul which was about Kara Ben Nemsi having adventures and coming to the aid of the Persians.

The order in which the three Karl May movies were released was Trümmern, Todeskarawane and then Teufelsanbeter. However, the films were made in this order: Teufelsanbeter, Trümmern and then Todeskarawane. The films did not get good reviews, and the Karl May movies were considered "box office poison". While the entire German film industry was experiencing a slump, it became obvious that the Marie-Luise Droop production company (responsible for producing Karl May films) was suffering especially severe money problems which finally culminated in their going bankrupt. Ambitious plans for filming other Karl May movies were shelved, and it was 15 years before another one was made. By that time Carl de Vogt was no longer considered leading man material for action movies.

No copies of Die Todeskarawane are known to exist.