Der Weg des Todes
(The Road of Death)

Carl with Maria Carmi as the Countess

Directed by Robert Dinesen aka Robert Reinert (1916)


     Carl de Vogt (Rolf, the mysterious stranger)

     Maria Carmi (the Countess)

     Conrad Veidt

The happily married Count and Countess have left the crowded countryside and settled in a castle with an old prison and a dungeon. Lately the Count has been pursued by a mysterious stranger. One evening at a celebration, the stranger forces Countess Maria to a meeting where she recognizes him as Rolf, her first lover in her former life of ten years ago as a prostitute. He wants to resume his former relationship with her. She entices him into the castle and locks him in the dungeon. But her conscience torments her, driving her to confession to the Count. She procures the key to the prison, and while breathing a poisonous vapor, allows Rolf to escape from the prison. She then dies on the castle steps.

Carl de Vogt, Maria Carmi, Conrad Veidt and Director Robert Dinesen/Reinert went on to make another film together, Wenn Tote Sprechen. Carl made a three part movie, Ahasver, and a two part movie, Der Herr der Welt and Erloschene Augen, Tragödie Eines Blinden Kindes with Robert Dinesen/Reinert, and he went on to appear with Conrad Veidt in Wilhelm Tell in 1934.

No copies of Der Weg des Todes are known to exist.