Wenn Tote Sprechen
(If Death Spoke)

Directed by Robert Dinesen aka Robert Reinert (1917)

     Carl de Vogt (Leonore's Husband - Edgar von Ladenitz)
     Maria Carmi (both Maria and Leonore)
     Conrad Veidt (Leonore's Lover)

This is a double role for Maria Carmi. One day Maria von Brion finds out that her married sister, Leonore, is dead. Her sister's husband, Count Edgar von Ladenitz, is suspected of having had his wife murdered because people have seen him pacing through his castle at night holding a mysterious bundle. This bundle turns out to be letters which he gives to a trusted servant before he is arrested. The Count is proven innocent in Court, and it becomes known that the letters came from his faithless wife Leonore's lover. This lover has also pursued Maria because of her similarity to her sister. Leonore killed herself. Now that her sister is dead, Maria marries von Ladenitz, whom she has always loved from afar.

As far as is known, this is the last time that Carl appeared with Maria Carmi. He later appeared in another film with Conrad Veidt: Wilhelm Tell (1934). According to the IMDb, Maria Carmi went on to make two more films, the last one in 1920 in Italian. She died in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA in 1957.

No copies of Wenn Tote Sprechen are known to exist.