Wenn Wir Alle Engels Wären
(If We Were All Angels)

Directed by Carl Froelich (1936)


     Heinz Rühmann (Christian Kempenich)
     Leny Marenbach (his wife Hedwig)
     Lotte Rausch (Maria, the housemaid)
     Harald Paulsen (Enrico Falotti, the singing teacher)
     Elsa Dalands (Selma, Christian's aunt)
     Carl de Vogt (porter at the Hotel Drei Linden)

Christian Kempenich, the respectable family man, travels to Cologne for a baptism. Deciding to sample the nightlife of the "wicked city", Christian drinks too much and wakes up the next morning on the floor of an unknown hotel room with a very unknown naked blond sleeping in his bed. He quickly grabs his suitcase and heads for the train station. Meanwhile, Hedwig has decided to take a boat excursion for the day, and her singing teacher, seeing Hedwig get on the boat, follows her aboard and pretends that he has accidentally run into her. Under the influence of too much wine they miss their stop and Maria arrives at the train the next morning at the last minute. When disembarking Hedwig sees Christian and hurries home ahead of him. She tells the housemaid Maria not to tell anyone that she has been gone the whole night.

The hotel discovers that Christian has left without paying the bill, but he has signed his name and address in their register. They send the bill to Christian who denies ever having been there, and finally the matter winds up in court. Christian pretends that Herr Falotti, the singing teacher, was really in the room which deceives no one. Everyone points the finger at everyone else and in the end the matter is straightened out with tearful confessions and forgiveness all around.

Christian remarks "If we were all angels, then newspapers would have nothing to write, tongues would have nothing to say, lawyers and poets would have nothing to do and everyone would die of boredom.

Carl went on to make another movie with Heinz Rühmann in 1953: "Briefträger Müller".

Information about this and all of Heinz Rühmann's films may be found at the Heinz Rühmann Commemorative Society.